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AI and EI

We’re an AI infused narrative platform that provides kids with a life-long learning journey to reach their full potential based on phenomenon-based learning. We leverage the latest NLP and recommendation algorithms to understand the emotional state of a student and deliver dynamic personalized content, seamlessly closing education gaps and strengthening the relationship between the student, the teacher, parents and the world.

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Our work:

  • Creates a Learning DNA for each student
  • Delivers the right content to the right student at the right time
  • Tracks student happiness and engagement levels via NLP
  • Teaches and measures skills of the future

Which leads to:

  • Stronger, healthier minds
  • Curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills
  • Teaching a student in the way they learn best

We gather high level data points on a student and their development.

This includes information like the student’s age, location, family, overall happiness, and physical activity.

The student starts their personalized learning journey,

by taking a child-friendly, choose-your-own-adventure personality journey. Understanding a student’s personality allows us to serve relevant educational content that moves and excites them to learn.

While a student completes educational content assigned to them individually,

we measure things like the amount of effort required to complete the assignment, when they chose to complete the exercise vs the nature of the content, selection of activities completed, the general ‘mood’ of an answer, and their level of enjoyment. Then, Beenova shares dynamic content to close identified learning gaps.

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Learning Future

Personalized learning shapes a student’s future. Our NLP, PBL and social impact approach focus on teaching relevant content and collecting world-changing data. Creating a link between happiness, mindset and success is key and Beenova helps shape healthy, strong minds - with educational, high-quality content tailored to a student’s needs.

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